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Kenkousya was established in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo in 1970. We celebrated our 50th anniversary in 2020. We are engaged in commercial printing with a focus on planning and printing. Using minimal equipment since our company’s establishment, we carefully manage our company so as not to be restricted by machines. We place particular importance on calibration work.

Around 2010, we enhanced our production system for small orders in response to changes in the industry. We launched Kaku, a service for creating unique notebooks, in 2013. We also launched the sub-grand Kaku Souvenir. It is sold at large stationery stores in Japan and on online shops.

After receiving the Theme Award at the Design Awards sponsored by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion in 2019, we developed SlideNote, the stationery industry’s first ever ringless sliding notebook. SlideNote was released in December 2020. We also launched our Paper&Print online store at the same time to allow customers to order specialized paper.

With SlideNote and Paper&Print, PageBase aims to be a comprehensive brand with a strong following.


CEO Taichiro Kanzaki


DSC05068 (2).JPG

We are a printing company that has been in business for 50 years

Kenkousya offers comprehensive printing services for posters, leaflets, brochures, and so on, handling everything from planning to proofreading, revision, and production. Recently, we developed Kaku, an online service for creating custom-made notebooks. Customers can order unique notebooks, starting at just one volume.

It all began with large numbers of half-used notebooks

When cleaning up his son’s room, CEO Taichiro Kanzaki saw a large number of half-used notebooks, and this was the impetus for the development of SlideNote. We aim to be a notebook brand that delivers customized notebooks based on users’ preferences with only the number of pages truly needed.

012 のコピー.jpg

Aiming to eliminate the inconvenience of notebooks as a company working with paper

With increased pushes toward paperless environments, the role of printing companies also needs to change. As a company working with paper, we are rethinking notebooks and aim to show what notebooks should be going forward.


Company Information

Company name: Kenkousya (

Location: 2F 1-1-7 Kudankita, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0073

Established: June 1970

CEO: Taichiro Kanzaki

Capital: ¥20,000,000

Business: Planning, proofreading, output, publishing, creation of unique notebooks, stationery production

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